the value by design difference

Our promise to you is clear.  Our goal is to provide you value by design. 

Clients want more than the right solution. They demand a solution that also delivers the ultimate in value - one that saves time, resources, costs, or that is a more appropriate, more efficient, or an alternative approach that may not have been considered.

A focus on you and your needs, coupled with expert and efficient engineering services, that is the Design Process difference. 

You will find that we:

  1. Listen to your needs and concerns - we don’t come in with preconceived notions or off the shelf solutions.  We ask. We listen. We observe. We present and discuss options. And, then, we work with you to design a solution that is unique to your situation and requirements.

  1. Provide guidance and consulting - sometimes it’s not about the “what” your project needs, but how to approach it.  We offer you sector-specific insight and expertise in addition to sound project management skills that add value to your experience.

  1. Clearly identify and scope a customised solution - we ask the right questions and lots of them.  We want to ensure that the solution we provide is driven by your needs and is custom created to meet them specifically. The range of services we offer can be tailored to suit your goals, your business, or your project.

  1. Look for and find ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs - first we meet your needs then we exceed them Whether through the choice of materials, processes, technology, tools, or by leveraging our industry expertise.,or by tapping into our out-of-the-box thinking, we will seek to add discernable value to every project.

  1. Continue to operate with lower overheads - we will remain a small, focused and nimble group of dedicated professionals who don’t need all the big bells and whistles. We love what we do. And, if we can pass these savings along to you by maintaining lower overhead ourselves, then that makes us even happier.

It is this combined approach that provides clients with purpose-driven solutions that provide noticeable client value. You could even say that it’s by design!