At Design Process, we are a dedicated team of Project Managers, Engineers, & Designers who provide multi-discipline engineering services and project management services for clients across a range of mining, mineral processing, and extractive process sectors. 

 Our engineering expertise spans a variety of industries, including mineral processing, materials handling, mining infrastructure, heavy industry, renewable energy, recycling, manufacturing, and construction. 

 We specialize in collaborating with all stakeholders through every project stage, from concept and design to construction. Whether it's a greenfield project, post-construction ramp-up, de-bottlenecking, or small/sustaining capital upgrades, we can help. 

Remote area engineering drafting

we get around a bit

Design Process and our personnel have completed or have been part of project teams delivering services to most parts of the world.  Some of which include.

Australasia    (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea)

Sub-Saharan Africa    (Senegal, Congo, Burkina Faso, Tanzania)

South-East Asia    (Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam)

East-Asia     (China, Japan)

Americas     (USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Guyana)
Middle-East     (UAE, Saudi Arabia)
Europe     (Romania, Italy)

Steelwork engineering and drafting

Key industry sectors we serve 

We are proud to provide engineering services to the following industries: 

• Mineral Processing                                                •  Extractive Industry (Quarrying) 

• Mining Infrastructure                                          •  Recycling 

• Light & Heavy Industry                                        •  Food Processing 

• Manufacturing                                                          •  Construction 
• Non-Process Infrastructure                              •  Modular Plant
These industry sectors span across & include the following commodities: 

• Gold     • Copper     • Lead / Zinc    • Coal
• Iron Ore    • Mineral Sands     • Tungsten

• Lithium   • Energy   • Sugar Milling & Refining