Project visualisation

We've developed capability to quickly assist you visualise your project. 
Design Process have been involved at the very inception of projects, assisting clients to visualise and understand the physical aspects, scale and interfaces (hard and soft) which relate to their projects.  We utilise a variety of tools and software to tailor a scaled solution to meets your needs.   

If you have  need for any of the following, we'd love a chat to see how we can assist;

  • Visual understanding of critical project / infrastructure interfaces.
  • Support in preparation of EIS and other statutory project documentation.
  • Project fly-through animation & images for public or private consultation.
  • Visual presentation to distil complex issues and interfaces to more easily understood concepts.
  • Project fly-through animation & images to support investor engagement.
  • Project development or construction timeline & staging drawings/images.

Please click on images below for a selection of work we've completed assisting other client's visualise their projects.